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Teknophage #1-10

Teknophage #1-10 - Neil Gaiman,  Rick Veitch,  Bryan Talbot I had originally read Teknophage when I was very young. I, still to this day, own almost every comic Tekno Comix published. I had not, until today, read this series since I was a kid. But I remember having very fond memories of it and it being a fantastic comic in my head. So I figured it was time to re-read it. Oh, and what a under-appreciated forgotten gem it is.

The comic doesn't follow your typical good-guy-in-tights who beats up baddies formula. It's much more intelligent. In fact, the main character is actually a villain. But even he is not your typical villain. Teknophage, the villain, is basically a physical god. He controls basically all dimensions and has for a very long time. He is, seemingly, invincible, and he is well aware of it. He rules the universe and all living things are his slaves.

The overall story and ideas are fantastic. It's a very fascinating concept. A few times cop-outs were used to move the story along though. The theme is wonderful as well and the artwork greatly compliments it. The colors are well placed and everything looks great. (and there's plentry of gore) The theme is science-fiction, dystopian, steampunk, with a little alternate history also.

The great part is the villain, Teknophage, is the most loveable character. You may not necessarily root or support him, but he does have a certain eloquent style about him. As I said, he is not your typical villain. He is very intelligent as for the most part rational being. He can be seen throughout the series wearing expensive suits and sweater-vests. He's stylish and it makes part of you really like him. The story, at times, is also a commentary on 9-to-5 corporate and industrial lives.

In closing this is worth the read and deserves more attention. It's unfortunate that the series was short-lived and that the wonderful Tekno Comix was short-lived also. I do believe there were some spin-offs, crossovers and even origin story that contain the Teknophage character. I will have to read them to hopefully to fulfill my desire for more of this wonderful world.