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Repeat the Flesh in Numbers

Repeat the Flesh in Numbers - Kris  Bigalk I won this through a Goodreads giveaway.

Whereas novels can be looked at with a mix of objectivity and subjectivity, poetry, for me, is mostly (if not completely) a subjective experience.

Certain people enjoy certain poems and certain people don't. I doubt I will ever read a poetry collection in which I understand/like/relate-to every poem; no matter how many times I read and re-read. I think only the author of a poetry collection can claim that they do. That being said, I did enjoy the majority of poems in Repeat the Flesh in Numbers.

And the poems I liked, I really liked. Topical focus can go from humor to sadness to happiness in just a few pages, yet never upsetting the pace of a read-through.

You can tell that a lot of the author's life and personality lurk in these poem's words, which is a good thing. Her writing is highly poetic, but not in the stereotypical way. Each poem isn't ridden with a bunch of cheesy similes, nay, rather you will find well crafted and well spoken poems.

I must add that the photo on the cover is quite beautiful and really suites the contents.

It appears that as of now I am the first person to rate this anything less than a 5. I hate to break the streak but for me it just falls short of a 5.

Very much worth the read.