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Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men, Vol. 2 - Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Werner Roth, Alex Toth In many ways this collection is even better than the previous one. There's heaps of backstory in here--from the origin of Professor X and Beast to the debut of plenty of memorable baddies. These 11 issues are really pretty stellar. First we see the downfall of Magneto thanks to The Stranger (who is sort of like X-Men's version of F.F.'s The Watcher), then we have the fantastic introduction to The Juggernaut, the epic Sentinel trilogy, the impressive return of Magneto, the debut of Mimic, and the return of Lucifer, The Blob, and Unus. There's really never a dull moment.

This collection also has more continuous arcs compared to the earlier issues. There's 3 two-part stories and a three-part story as well. The Juggernaut issue is possibly the best I've read of these early X-Men issues and the Sentinel three-parter is the first sense of a true X-Men story arc, and Magneto is badder than ever. A fine collection indeed. Plus the X-Men serving as a reflection (or metaphor, if you'd like) of social issues (namely civil rights) is developed much further here.

Favorite issues: The Origin of Professor X (#12), ...And None Shall Survive (#17)
Best Cover Art: ...And None Shall Survive (#17)
Rating: 3.50 out of 5