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Attack on Titan, Volume 2 - Hajime Isayama Plot develops a bit further here, though only slightly. We get some character development, though most of the characters remain unmemorable and convoluted. The characters that have been getting developed (really only one in this volume) are pretty likable I guess.

This volume features some good ole' Giant Monster vs. Giant Monster Action, and the twist (which I won't spoil) was nice, though easily predictable and nothing too mind-blowing (it certainly raises some interesting questions though; unfortunately I think I may be able to predict the answers).

I'm mostly sticking with this because of the concept and world which it takes place in. It seems to be a common complaint for this manga that the concept and setting are more interesting than the story and characters. It seems like that might have some truth to it. We'll have to see.

The concept and world are very interesting at least. Being used to mostly mecha and kaiju eiga coming from Japan, both of which I'm a huge fan of, this is definitely an interesting take on the whole "Giant Things Smashing Other Things" genre.

I'll stick with it a little longer, and I'll give the anime a shot, but if the next volume fails to improve upon character or story, or to radically develop its concept or world, I'm afraid the interest will inevitably wane.