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Attack on Titan, Volume 1 - Hajime Isayama This is the first manga I've ever read. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that. I knew it was inevitable; I'm a long-time avid fan of comic books and anime (and indeed Japanese culture in general), but I just never really got around to reading any manga, probably because the only manga I ever saw other kids reading was stuff like Bleach and Naruto and I don't have much interest in the likes of those, neither then nor now. I admit that I planned to read something a little more "classic" for my first manga outing--something like Osamu Tezuka or Kazuo Koike or Yoshihiro Tatsumi--but I heard great things about Attack on Titan (both manga and anime) and I had decided to watch the anime because I heard the upcoming Pacific Rim (which I am so excited for it's actually a bit embarrassing) has many things in common with it. Then I said, you know what, I'm going to read the fucking manga first. And so I did. Or at least the first volume anyway.

A lot of things happen in this first volume and yet it feels like not much at all because you can just sense that there is so much more to come. It's definitely a story that seems like it will require many volumes to tell (they're up to 10 so far). The basic premise is this: the world is infested with creatures called Titans (which are weird giant humanoid things that look terrifying). Titans pretty much have only one desire: to kill humans. No one really knows why or what these things are but nonetheless humans (or what's left of them anyway) were forced to close themselves off from the Titans by building giant walls around their city. No one goes outside the walls for a hundred years and no Titans breach the wall. Until one day a Titan bigger than they'd ever seen before walks up to the giant wall (which he's bigger than) and knocks that shit down. Chaos ensues. Welcome to Attack on Titan.

It's quite the captivating set-up. It's bizarre, it's exciting, it's horrifying, it's mysterious. It makes you want to read more. Which I will. Which I must. MORE!

Anyway, it's pretty good. It gets three stars because this is really just the opening segments of the story (good segments, but opening ones nonetheless) so it's yet to provide anything truly satisfying and I think I'll play it safe with my rating and see how the story plays out. This shows a lot of potential though and I'm looking forward to reading more. I think I may check out the first few episodes of the anime.