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Junky - William S. Burroughs, Oliver Harris, Allen Ginsberg The best, and most truthful historical record of drug-use during the '40s. Burroughs is very truthful and stays very unbiased, telling of the ups and downs of everything, including Heroin. This may piss-off some one-sided people who are either very for- or against certain things. Burroughs tells it as it was, how he saw it in his experiences. A large amount of the book is based on truth, being somewhat of an auto-biography for Burroughs.
The story isn't too interesting, you don't get very attached to any characters, but what the book is successful at doing is putting you into a junkie mind-state. It really is as close of a look you can get from your home at the junkie lifestyle. It's interesting to see what will happen next even though you know it won't be anything too shocking or anything. I especially enjoyed the "Appendixes" added at the end of the book. Burroughs gets into a little science and philosophy, which very much interested me, maybe even more than the actual story did, because a lot of what he says makes perfect sense.