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Film Art: An Introduction
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Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life - Matthew Sturges, Kelly Yates, Brian Shearer Glad to say that the story does go a bit further than the potential novelty of having the Doctor placed in a medieval setting. I mean, that novelty is still there, but there's some more to it. It's actually a solid story containing a villain with some interesting motives. At times feels a bit poorly paced and contrived but it does its job well enough. Feels very much like a Doctor Who episode and captures the personality of the Doctor and Amy surprisingly well. About as good as your average Who episode (keep in mind that I find most DW episodes to be pretty average, with the handful of really good episodes every season).

The art work is very mediocre. It's not atrocious looking, but it's really nothing special at all. It almost feels like fan art (now that I think about it, the story feels a bit like fan-fic as well...good fan-fic though). It's a shame too, because there's an art gallery in the back of the book (with art done by different illustrators than the actual comic had) which actually looks pretty nice.

2.5 out of 5, would very well may be 3.0 had it contained better artwork.