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Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris 3.5 out of 5

Doesn't present anything new to the atheism debate, nor did it teach me anything I hadn't already been aware of--nothing voluminous anyway--but being as short as it is, and might I add accessible, it not only serves as a more than suffice introductory read to atheism but also as a great overview and reminder to those already familiarized with it.

The short book accomplished what it set out to do; it's not written for atheists, but rather for theists and those unsure of their pledge. And, with much unfortune, those are the precise people who seem to know the least about atheism.

I'm unsure that there exists a better book to introduce someone to atheism and/or to force a theist to do some serious reevaluation of their outlook.

More than 3 stars, less than 4 stars.