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The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway I didn't finish it. I couldn't finish it. Not now. Not with all these other books on my shelf that I know I will enjoy much more, staring at me, tempting, begging me to read them. I will finish this book someday, probably sooner than later. But I'll only do it when I run out of stuff to read or when I actually feel like reading something as mundane as this. This is the first book that I have yet to finish.

From what I did read, which was about half of the book, it wasn't awful. I can't say I hated it, I'd feel guilty hating something without actually finishing it, but it was just really boring. It was a lot like A Moveable Feast but the difference was that was a memoir and this is fiction. I suspected it would be a little more interesting and plot heavy.

I can totally dig books with this kind of boring writing style and lack of plot, but in return they have to have an accurate capturing of a time/place/culture/or a personality. This book's main character is as boring as the plot. He's dry and, come to think of it, I can't even remember his name 10 minutes after reading it. Did he even have a name?

Don't get me wrong I actually kind of like books that are mundane and almost plot-less, but they need to have interesting characters told from the perspective of someone with an interesting personality. Or, as said prior, they need to capture the feel of something. The Sun Also Rises could arguably be said to be a pretty neat look at Paris, but A Moveable Feast does it much better and managed to be more engaging despite being a memoir. The great thing about fiction is that you can do whatever you want with it, so why make it boring?

Imagine Catcher in the Rye without an angst-ridden character personality. The book would be nothing!

I do hope to properly read this someday, I will give it two stars for now, but upon further reading I suspect that my rating will either remain static or go up to three or down to one.