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Film Art: An Introduction
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Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak A classic childhood book. I was always fascinated by the dark art style, and still love it to this day. The great thing about this story though, is that there is absolutely no lesson to be found. No moral to the story. A kid who is misbehaving gets sent to his room without supper. He fantasizes/dreams of being on this island where he strictly rules over the monsters. Then his mother gives him supper. That's it. I love it, sometimes the bad guys make out well.

Some would argue that the lesson is unconditional love and that "being a beast and a wild thing is tiresome to those around you. That is the lesson. Also, no matter how much trouble you have caused, those that truly love you will always love you." I could see that, and if that is indeed the lesson that some people learn, than I guess it's a pretty good one.