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Chew, Vol. 1: Taster's Choice - Rob Guillory, John Layman Interesting concept. The main character is Cibopathic, which means whatever food he eats he can see where it came from, i.e., if he eats an apple he can see when it was picked, or pork when the pig was killed. He's a cop in a futuristic society where the FDA are the biggest police force in the country and chicken is outlawed. It's interesting how these powers can help solve cases, occasionally even displaying cannibalism as a means to see into a man's past.

Besides the interesting premise, it's also a pretty clever comic. There are obvious comparisons drawn to 9/11 and the bird flu in the book. It pokes fun at fascism, the police force, PETA.

It also can been seen as a comment on the food industry. After all the main character who can see every food's origin by tasting it hates to eat and hardly ever eats anything. Essentially saying that if we knew where our food came from we wouldn't want to eat it.

A fun comic series so far. In the first volume alone it hints at some seemingly interesting things to come, take the repeated mentioning of someone named The Vampire. It also flirts with the idea of some heavier science fiction themes and the possibility of a certain planet playing a role in the story. Interested to see where it goes.