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Without Feathers - Woody Allen Well what can I say about Woody Allen? I've watched nearly all of his films, and found at least some joy in each one. He's probably my first choice for funniest contemporary filmmaker, and he truly was the natural evolution of the Grouchos and Chaplins of early cinema. But I'm not here to review him as a filmmaker.

If you like Woody Allen's films, and his absurd, 1970s New Yorker humor, you'll obviously enjoy this book. Allen never fails to take the most mundane of things and turn them into something completely ridiculous.

The book consists of two short plays and sixteen short...you can barely call them stories...short bits, we'll say. Bits from the origins of certain slang terms, or random ramblings from Woody Allen's own notebook. Each part made me laugh at least once.

My favorite bits would have to be The Whore of Mensa, If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists, and A Brief, Yet Helpful, Guide to Civil Disobedience. Death (A Play) was also a highlight.

Admittedly there are some parts that drag and it's very easy for a joke to go completely over your head if you're not at full attention. But, overall, it's definitely one of the funnier books I've ever read.

Of course if you are skeptical in committing to an entire Woody Allen book, perhaps watch a film or two of his first. I'd easily recommend Love and Death or Annie Hall. Definitely go for one of his '70s/early '80s films.