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Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman Well this took me an unnecessary length of time to complete. I don't know why exactly, the book just didn't at any point have me too eager to pick it back up again.

I must compliment Neil Gaiman's writing though, it is very likely the best I've ever seen. The way he fuses each sentence together, the way every transition feels nothing at all like a transition, how he somehow makes a ghost beating up a tiger feel normal, it is all very marvelous. My most frequent thought while reading Anansi Boys was 'I wish I could write like Neil Gaiman.'

Unfortunately I wasn't too thrilled about the plot. Just wasn't my cup of tea I suppose, it wasn't bad, even quite good I'd say, all the characters were well developed and likable and there were some really awesome parts, just didn't really interest me overall. To no fault of the author, mind you.

One thing that impressed me was how the book featured many characters with a prominent and important part in the story, yet each character manages to stand out on their own and even from the very beginning I never got any of the characters confused with one another. That's damn good characterization is what that is.

So yeah, this is worth reading simply because it's written by Neil Gaiman. It seems as if I'll just have to keep reading more books by him and hopefully find one that better sparks my interest and suites my oh so specific needs. (American Gods, here I come.)