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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card I'll try and make this short because I really don't feel like spending too much time talking about this book.

The book is basically 65% reading about the main character and all his little schoolboy drama. 20% reading about some boring sport that they play. 10% about the main character playing video games. And 5% other.

Oh well there is also a sub-plot where two kids try to take over the world by blogging.

None of the characters are even likeable, since most of them are flat anyway. Ender, the main character, is someone I found to be pretty boring. It's not like there is much uniqueness in him anyway.

The parts where he plays video games was honestly some of my favorite parts, so yeah, when a book's best part is some kid playing video games, that must mean something.

It's very boring, predictable, and anti-climactic. Ender ends up killing an entire planet without even being aware that he was doing it. Something I had suspected would happen.

Also, I still didn't really understand why they made such young kids do all the work. I mean, I get training them at a young age, but making an 11 year old a commander? It seemed weird and hardly explained. Plus, if they just had an adult commander, they wouldn't have had to trick someone into thinking they were just playing a simulation.

There were numerous scenes of little boy nudity and even a descriptive scene of a young boy, naked, lathered in soap dripping wet, wrestling another wet nude boy. This was weird, especially since the author is a well known homophobe.

Some things towards the end of the book were interesting, like the way the buggers operated and stuff. That was cool.

If this book was realistic fiction rather than science fiction it would go something like this:

Boy that shows promise goes into a training school and experiences a lot of drama. He trains in a sport and becomes very good at said sport. He eventually becomes the best. More drama.

His brother and sister try and take over the world by posting their political views online through blogs, forums, etc.

Main character sits around and plays video games a lot.

Main character's superiors keep close watch on him and evaluate him psychologically and put him into situations that further test him.

Main character graduates and goes on to play even more video games.

Turns out that by playing video games he actually potentially saved the world from complete destruction.

Blah, blah, blah, some other stuff and then The End.

I understand this book is a Young Adult novel and is essentially written for children, but still. I could only really recommend this book to someone who is completely new to Sci-Fi and may find some of the things in it interesting. It's a fairly easy read.

According to Goodreads two stars means "It was okay." I stand by my rating completely.