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A Happy Death

A Happy Death - Albert Camus I read this entire book in one sitting. Not because I was enjoying it, just because I wanted to quickly be done with it.

I really thought I would enjoy this book. Bit in all honesty I learned very little from it and enjoyed only a few small parts. The book is split into two parts: 'Natural Death'(50 pages) and 'Conscious Death'(100 pages). Natural Death is by far the best part of the book. If it ended at 50 pages I would probably give it a 4/5 rating. But the second part I found to be awful. There were a bunch of pointless, minor, 1-Dimensional characters which added virtually nothing to the novel. This helped in making the story very hard to follow at some points. Some of the philosophy in the book is decent but when it comes down to it the general moral is pretty terrible.

I almost feel like it's my fault that I didn't enjoy this book. Like I'm missing something. This is my first exposure to Camus, but I still plan to read The Stranger, in hopes it will be better. As I understand it this was Albert Camus' first novel, and it was never really completely finished and it wasn't published in his lifetime. So I can't judge Camus too harshly since it seemed he never intended this to be published. I really hope The Stranger is better.

I was fairly tired when I read this book but I read a lot when tired. Maybe I'll re-read this in a few months and see if I change my mind.