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Breaking Bad: All Bad Things

Breaking Bad: All Bad Things - Gordon Smith,  Jean Carroll,  Steve Ellis An abridging of Breaking Bad, recapping the first five and a half seasons, in comic book form. The art work is good and captures the characters (perhaps with the exception of Tuco) and scenes very well. It's a decent enough recap to refresh your mind for the second half of season five, but it doesn't really do anything that a short video recap can't do just as well, if not better.

Isn't useful for those who haven't watched Breaking Bad--this certainly doesn't serve as an alternative to watching the show--and provides nothing new or of interest for those who know the series inside out. Only useful as a refresher, but even then a video can serve the same purpose and do so in less time and more efficiently (after all, what's a better reminder: clips from the actual show or illustrated renditions of the show?)