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Film Art: An Introduction
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The Playboy Interviews: The Directors - Stephen Randall "I read it for the articles" has long been the excuse of countless Playboy 'readers'. Some of them very well could have been telling the truth. If these interviews are any indication then Playboy truly does offer some worthwhile reading material. And don't expect to find any pin-up girls in here--this is 300 pages of nothing but text, but damn is it sexy.

Interviews range from the 1960s to the early 2000s, with directors such as Robert Altman, Ingmar Bergman, the Coen Bros., Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Federico Fellini, John Huston, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee, David Mamet, Roman Polanski (in, I believe, his first interview after the Manson murders), Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Orson Welles, and Billy Wilder. A fine selection of directors indeed and some of the best interviews with them you can find. A must-read for fans of any of these directors.

I might just pick up a copy of Playboy the next time I'm in the mood (in the mood for in-depth, informative, interesting, and personal interviews that is).