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Selected Poems: 1965-1975 - Margaret Atwood There were only a handful of poems that I liked in this book and the rest were meh. The thing is the ones I did like, I REALLY liked. Weirdly enough my favorite poem of the book was the first one.

Most of Atwood's poems seemed, to me, to go nowhere and have no apparent meaning. She can be very descriptive and even tell deep stories with her poems, creating great imagery and what-not but really it was just kind of confusing most of the time.

Granted, you can read one poem ten times and have a different meaning/image each time. You can take that as a pro or a con.

This collection does contain some of my favorite poems and I would even go as far as saying that Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite poets, when the right poems are chosen.

Worth the read.