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Tarantino: Virgin Film

Tarantino: Virgin Film - Jim Smith Solid overview of Tarantino's work up to Kill Bill Vol 2. Provides insight into Tarantino as a person, the process of his films from a production standpoint, and even the dissection of each film by the author.

Included are comments on all of Tarantino's directed films, and also his screenplay work and brief work on television.

Very informative for those not very familiar with the man's work, and can be used as a great guide or reference point (albeit a slightly outdated one). I found some interesting things in it but for the most part I was already familiar with most of the content.

If you're interested in film-making in general, or are an aspiring film-maker, I'd pass on this (though it still couldn't hurt to read it) unless you're a big Tarantino fan.