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Guns - Stephen King The first thing I've ever read from King and also the first "book" I've read on a Kindle.

This is a short essay by King about his opinions on gun-control, violent media, etc. It's nice to see someone talk about these issues who is not some far right winger who'd drive around in a tank if he could, nor a far left winger who'd bring popcorn to public gun burnings. He's somewhere in the middle--his politics are liberal but yet claims to also own a few firearms himself--and he can present a rational argument, unlike much of the discussion taking place in the media at the moment.

A lot of the things, in fact most of the the things, King says here I completely agree with. He believes in the second amendment but still feels that there should be something more done in the form of stricter gun-control or improved regulations. He believes violent media has nothing to do with gun violence. These things I agree with. He has the right idea(s) but his reasoning and defense of said idea(s) is lackluster. It sometimes feels like King only knows half of what he's talking about and the rest is just some statistics he found online. Not only is it lackluster, it's nothing you haven't heard before. King is providing nothing new at all to the argument and I don't see how anyone could think he is.

I quite liked the first section of the essay where King goes step-by-step what happens after a school-shooting. He's spot on in his assessment of the media's handling of shootings.

It's a good-enough essay but it's just largely unoriginal and could have been improved and elaborated in many ways.