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Fledgling Witch: A Prequel to the Landers Saga

Fledgling Witch: A Novella (The Landers Saga) - Karen Nilsen I won this book through a goodreads giveaway.

It was a short, enjoyable read. The writing is very good and paints an amazing image, almost dream-like. In the first few pages it had already immersed me into the world.

I understand this is a prequel to the author's other novels, and I assume to get the full experience it would be best to read the novels that follow. This novella basically seemed to serve as an introduction to the characters and world.

There was not much of a story, let alone a climax. I look past that though since I realize that this is a prequel to what seems to be a much larger story.

The author undoubtedly has talent and maybe one day, hopefully, if time allows, I will pick up her other books.